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Updated and expanded for all y'all new folk.

I'm a player with way too much interest in avant-garde experimentation, , and rock. I have a in that I talk about too much. My favorite game console is a table and chairs where I play , , and . And somehow I manage to spend time with my wife amid all of that. I prefer free software whenever possible and use on my personal systems though I enjoy at

I am a systems programmer's son, I'm sure I wish you well.

Theres a new album. Rejoice you naughty fuckers.

So let's say that I'm willing to take a CPU performance cut in order to have secure (well, better security anyway) hardware. What are my options right now?

My self imposed exile from the web is already yielding good results. I've had time to try out by Nordic Weasel Games which I really enjoyed. And I've had a chance to reorganize my office/studio.

Now to actually practice instead talk about myself on Mastodon.

I'd tease about all this but certs going bad is a thing that happens to just about everyone. I spent a Friday night handling the same situation at work a couple of months ago (always on a Friday).

@endomain said "It's depressingly professional." and I have to agree. It seems like this is a problem that should have been solved by now, yet here we are...

Looks like I picked a good time for my 'www' break. Sheesh...

This is my last day at my current job.

I'm going to miss my coworkers. Dare I say it: I actually made some friends at this place. But it is time to move on.

Oh wow. bboard really did not like me pretending I was using ed to make a post.








kio-gopher doesn't play well with Web Engine, but switching konqueror to KHTML allows gopher pages to load correctly. For some reason konq wants to open gopher linked text files in a text editor instead of just loading them in the browser to be read. That's a minor annoyance, but still irritating. Especially since viewing gopher sites in konq is a great experience otherwise.

Less than five days until I take some time off from the web.

's kontact application has been a big help here (though knode is no longer a part of the suite). I have most of what I want to do with the internet in one place, just leaving irc/chat.

I'm still weighing kopete, pidgen, and telepathy for xmpp chat.

The gopher kio seems to have some issues though. I'm not certain if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a bug, but I can't get gopher:// sites to load in konqueror yet.

Pager reported a site outage at 3:00 am. Despite configuring it to call me, text me, send an email, and ring through on the pager app on my phone I slept through the whole thing.

I felt terrible when I woke up to see that, but then I looked at the case notes and the person it escalated to slept through his alerts too. Heh.

Oh, and it was a false negative. The site was up the whole time.

Happy Easter!

Put in my two weeks. Bosses boss acts like I'm twisting a knife in him whenever we talk now.

I wish it didn't make me sad, but it does. I like my co-workers and I like the current job, but I have bills to pay and the new job will put a serious dent in them.

The new offer is good.

Too good. But I'll probably take it anyway.

Apparently I don't look for work anymore, work comes to me.

This is an odd feeling.

Also: I'm curious if using toot to view the fedverse counts as WWW usage.

I'm thinking about taking the month of March off from the www.

Not the internet. Just the world wide web portion. Stick to things like gopher, irc, and email. I wonder how different it would be.

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I became sdf shell user few minute ago.

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I am not a number. I am a glass bottle full of gasoline.

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