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Updated and expanded for all y'all new folk.

I'm a player with way too much interest in avant-garde experimentation, , and rock. I have a in that I talk about too much. My favorite game console is a table and chairs where I play , , and . And somehow I manage to spend time with my wife amid all of that. I prefer free software whenever possible and use on my personal systems though I enjoy at

So what about you? What is a piece of Free software that you find more pleasant to use than it's paid equivalent?

And not to just pick on Microsoft (though they deserve it) I find Dolphin is much more usable than Finder and Amarok is much more usable than iTunes.

I love it when people say FOSS products have bad UX. It's like people just read a Computer World article 20 years ago and decided nothing has changed. Yeah, there's some not so good stuff out there (I'll throw my beloved emacs on that altar), but for the most part things are just as usable as their for pay counterparts if not better (low bar that may be).

Compare Thunderbird to Outlook or Chromium and Firefox to IE/Edge if you need examples. And I'll gladly take KDE over Windows Shell.

Why have a discussion when you can concern troll and link back to your monetized blog instead?

I see some new faces in the local timeline. Welcome to the ! You can use the tag to introduce yourself to other users and find people who share your interests.

Hey, all my friends on my local timeline are doing it:

On your own feed, list 7 bands/artists that you’ve seen in concert, with one of them being a lie.
People can then post which one they think is the lie.

2) Niel Yong and Crazy Horse
3) Whitney Houston
4) Victor Wooten
5) Melt-Banana
6) Lightning Bolt
7) The Roots

The wife has put something called "Martha and Snoop's 420 Potluck Challenge" on the TV and my faith in the world has been restored.

Boy, I'm in a mood tonight. I should have just phloged about it. Sorry about the post spam.

My test cases, scenarios, and runs should not be jira tickets. Jira tickets are ephemeral things. Once they leave the kanban board they are forgotten until some poor product manager/data archeologist decides to unearth them again. And that's good. We should be working to the future, not focusing on the past.

But my tests are tools, not tickets. They need to be honed and maintained. I can't do that when they are buried under thousands of forgotten bugs.

There's something probably good in X-ray's guts. When I use it I can see why they made some of the decisions they made, but it seems like it is more important to integrate fully with Jira than it is to provide a tool QAs can can use to make our jobs easier.

X-ray makes my job much harder than it needs to be. I spend more time driving the software than I do running tests. That is a significant problem. A test management system should stay out of my way. X-ray actively impedes me.

Which, I mean, a good test scenario editor is something you really need to get right in test management software, but it was pretty good once you had your scenarios created.

I really do not like X-ray.

Talk about an application that checks all the boxes for corporate executives, but is frustrating and illogical at the boots on the ground level. I have yet to find a good workflow for taking a ticket to a test situation to a release. There is always some weird hard stop or bit of logic that it doesn't handle. It makes me cranky.

I can't believe it: but I really miss using TestRail. My only complaint about them was a bad interface for creating test scenarios.

Ah yes. The good ol' 'curl | sh' installer. No way that is a watering hole attack.

God, I really am turning into a smug unix guy. Here's a quarter, kid. Go get yourself a better installer.

Co-workers drunkenly complaining that "The dems won't leave Trump alone."

Good day to go home early. 🙄

I am a systems programmer's son, I'm sure I wish you well.

Theres a new album. Rejoice you naughty fuckers.

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