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Ever type sl at when you were trying to type ls? Don't do it.
In .bashrc I added
alias sl='echo \"I just saved you!\"'

Linux Software RAID 10 seems pretty good. Not sure what magic makes it work but I can even remove /dev/sda and it boots fine. Perhaps grub installed on every drive? Hmmm.

Want to share your internet connection? This is awesome!
Now I can pay for internet for '1 device' on a cruse ship and share it.

Just spent a lot of time trying to bypass my vpn for a incoming service. Very important for iptables packet marking.
sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_fwmark_accept=1

@tomasino 19 Crimes is pretty good. We intended to wait until to open it. Living Wine Labels ap is pretty cool also.

Learning about Anderson Powerpole connectors. I'm helping to add battery backup to the Portland, Maine ax25 packet node.

We Are Nameless was fun. I had company so could only partially participate. I look forward to the next one.

Thank you all for boosting the fundraiser drive toot!!! ❤️✨👏👏

Installed my Uthernet II Ethernet card in my Apple iie. It works! Using Contiki I was even able to sign on to sdfs IRC server.

Just made a small donation to my favourite CLI calendar program calcurse.

@snowdusk_ I'm 12 minutes in to last nights wasabi and you nailed it! Clair and I were at our ham clubs holiday party! Thanks for thinking of us.

@koenig Linux Journal seems to have an article on High Performance Computing you may enjoy.

This is a test. 

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