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This is a test. 

Just learning to use the button. :)

Why is it no matter how many adapters I have, I never have the one I need?

Seems you can telnet to I would like to do that to try out my new WiModem232 but... It just can't be secure or a good idea.

Walked Popham beach in Phippsburg, ME with Clair this morning. -14C and blowing! We saw no other people.

Received my WiModem232 from Working great but I have not seen the LED do anything yet? hmmm. Thanks for posting about it @cat

Time to update the power supply in my Apple IIe. Purchased a kit from Reactive Micro.

@snowdusk_ You noticed I was missing. Awesome. I was at our club monthly meeting. You were correct. I listened to the archive. :)

I found a stuck transmitter for our local municipality using skills learned from the radio community. Just a little direction finding with a hand held radio using my body as a RF shield. I got to be a hero. Thanks all.

No power at our hotel this morning, flight is delayed. Storms this morning in knoxville. I am headed to Philadelphia where the storms are now. :)

Good day at the American Museum of Science and Energy doing the bus tour of Oak Ridge National Labs. Koenig previously worked at the high performance computing center and had inside knowledge for me and the museum.

Lesson learned. If you bring a geiger counter on an aircraft disable the alarm. It will go off in flight.

The TSA agent in Portland, ME took one look at my hat and said, "No radioactive materials allowed".

Clair an I will be flying out to the Secret City (Oak Ridge, TN). Meeting up with another SDF member koenig and Teri to play tourist for a few days. I can't wait to try out this button.

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