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Oh, this is golden: "Using #Windows after 15 years on #Linux"

You only realize how primitive Windows is when you were able to learn all the benefits of a modern Linux desktop. #UX

My end table tonight. The new book Pacifier by Rick Littlefield is one of the best novels I have read in a while. I am only 140 pages in so far.

Picked up a Kantronics KPC3 today at a hamfest. Old firmware but that can be fixed.

I was explaining to Clair the quantum mechanics double slit experiment and she fell asleep. I like to think that in a parallel universe she was awake.

Actually it led to a better understanding of how awesome curl is.

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Postman for API? What the $%^& is postman. I can see this leading to hours of trying to figure out yet another new web technlolgy.

More information. Here is what it looks like inside.
Perhaps its a SMARC form factor compute module?

I have tried booting to USB devices and it just doesn't do that. It loads the embedded Windows from somewhere.

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10" Arm9, 1G Ram panel that currently runs windows embedded. I would like it to run Linux.

They offer a 'firmware update' here you can put on a flash drive. order number is: 1190417, downloads section.

Does anyone have any idea how I can create my own bootable USB stick for this to run / and or install linux on it?

Terminal vs GUI 

I will admit that sometimes a GUI is just an easier experience for some tasks, though not all tasks. But the sheer speed and efficiency of using TUIs/CLIs just can't be touched. To me the learning curve of some terminal apps is 100% worth it because of the speed and efficiency that you get by learning it.

I just replaced my Ubiquiti USG-Pro-4 with this mini PC running pfsense. So far I really like it. Its using 8W of power and has been up for several days. So far so good.

I use the pass CLI password manager. Lately I am having trouble saving changes. I get an error.
/dev/shm/pass.xdfjkdaf E212: Can't open file for writing. The usual google searches aren't working. Any ideas anyone?

I just ordered one of these to experiment with iptables, routing, vlans, bonding, bridging, etc.

Cold and wet day for a walk. Picture from Fort Baldwin, ME, USA.

Clair and Devin installing cabinet shelves. We were helping our son and daughter in law move into their new home.

This is a couple of PK-232-MBX TNCs. Interesting how in the older model the upgrade kit included a daughter board. The newer didn't need it.

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