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Listening to 33 1/3 on anonradio and watching DJ buttstuf doing his thing.

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

Just had a meeting. A few more techie employees want to move out email to gsuite. Thoughts?

My Apple IIe Platinum. If I could just find a telnet client that runs on the IIe.

@snowdusk_ no worries! Universal love and appreciation your way

Just used tsocks to redirect mplayer through my ssh proxy. Cool stuff!

Listening to DJ @cev this morning from Mixcloud. Normally via but it was having issues, fixed now I believe.

Today's walk. The beach we normally walk is closed. Clair and I are learning about lots of other hiking trails.

Images would not load on Apache2. Three hours later.
'EnableSendfile off' in server-tuning.conf
What is 'Enable Sendfile' ? Reading for tomorrow I guess.

Just learned about a new fun linux CLI tool. Try boxes -l for all the options.

My dot matrix printer. $10 for a cartridge that can last for years.

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