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I can't seem to connect to If its not working in a few minutes... ..I'll just wait longer.

@cat LOW_WIRE saved my life yesterday. I was falling asleep at the wheel and remembered I had LOW_WIRE on a usb memory stick. Cranked it up and was WIDE AWAKE!

One of my TRS80s on Mastodon. This one has a Raspberry PI with the PI TNC in it.

Is there any good guitar tuning aps for Linux?

Great morning walk. Fall foliage is peaking in my area. Portland Maine.

Last two days were shitty dealing with plugged sewer pipes at my 95 year old grandmothers place. Not sure why I feel I need to share this.

@snowdusk_ tooted a screen shot of a cli moon phase ap. While searching for it I found this. CLI graphicalish weather ap.
Try: curl for help.

Great sign at Flight Deck Brewing in Brunswick, Maine. While visiting FA-18 Hornets were flying aound in formation. Didn't expect an air show. Took pictures but they were bad.

Great hiking today in NH. Surprised how much APRS activity there was and I even ran into another ham radio operator on the trail.

I like my vpn provider for supporting Linux. This was very helpful to prevent DNS leaks and to teach me more about iptables packet filter.

I was just speaking Spanish with the bar tender at Guerrero Maya Mexicn resturant in Portland Maine and she asked me if I was from Argentina because of my accent. That made me feel very good about the last 10 years studying Spanish.

My Acer spin1 has a windows key. It doesn't have Windows on it. It runs OpenSUSE. I'll have to repaint the key.

Just listened to an archived Wasabi Mix by @snowdusk_ where he interviewed @smj . Very interesting interview with a special note for me at 33 minutes as they discuss early chat programs.

Movement Through Thought was great as always, thanks @cev .
Getting ready for Low Wire soon with @Cat on

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