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Just doing some duckduckgo searches trying to learn some AX25 programming. Found this page:
Another SDF user. How cool is that!

Visited Vaughan Woods & Historic Homestead in Hallowell, Maine and Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winary in Union, Maine today..

I am mentally, spiritually, and physically preparing for LOW WIRE by @Cat on at 21:00 UTC. (Getting a mixed drink without the mixer)

I missed Choose Your Own Adventure on by @tomasino because of a company event. Listening now. If you do listen start at 7m46s because of audio problems at first.
I wish I could be seeing the chat on com while listening.

After purchasing a laptop with Linux installed and supported I find it unlikely I'll ever purchase a laptop with Windows pre installed again. I find myself looking at the usual laptop adds and trashing them immediately because they come with Windows.
I have the Oryx Pro from System76.

Now drinking beer and listening to Movement Through Thought to calm my nerves a bit. Its working!

Drove 6 miles with hazzard lights on behind a slow moving car on curvy roads. Trying to get Clair (EMT) to a woman with a possible hart attack. If you see hazard lights on consider something important may be happening and pull over please.

@cev I enjoyed Movement Through Thought again today. Smooth and motivational. Wish I could listen live and hang in com but its 02:30AM for me. Thanks for making it.

Here is a unique wokstation I put together..
960GC-GS FX Mainboard
FX-4300 CPU, 16G Ram
8", 5.25", 3.5" floppy drives
Zip Drive
Memory card readers
DVD, SATA 3.5" and 2.5"
and more...
I know.. too much time on my hands. I get that a lot.

Seems mutt runs on only. Something to do with an upgrade happening @rcf says in at

Today I can't run 'mutt' email client on the sdf servers. I get 'Shared object "" not found'
Hmmm, now what?

@tomasino I enjoyed Choose Your Own Adventure. Talking about Zork made me look through some old games I have and I found this.

@snowdusk_ You were correct. I could not make the IGWM but I am listening to the archive. So far its GREAT!

I have been using calcurse for a while now and it works really well for me. I have it texting me reminders, emailing me my weekly schedule, etc. Great cli calendar program.

@snowdusk_ I keep a yes / no dice I picked up at PAX East in my pocket for the tough decisions. Seriously I agree with others here. Life is short spend your time doing something you enjoy if possible.

I am sitting on my deck, perfect weather, socializing on Mastodon, listening to Movement Through Thought @cev , monitoring the local repeaters, and chatting on IRC. Life is good! Oh yeah.. and having a Gearys pale ale.

Power outages in the mid coast Maine area. I have no power and will likely loose interenet soon. What will I do..

Starting my delayed Monday listening to The Wasabi Mix and Movement Through Thought via archives makes it Awesome! Thanks @cev @snowdusk_

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