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@notptr Cool band. I have an IC-81AD and a IC-9100 that work on that band.

Hurricane nets on 14.325 USB and 7.268 LSB. Not hearing much yet.

@cev You have no idea how bad I wish I could be there.

@Ricardus You can't do that. Watching movies requres a suspension of reality. This gets harder with age. When your young its easy.

@cev Listened several times, thanks for making it.

@gemlog @mwlucas @kensanata @tomasino
These devices create a reverse tunnel so I can get data from them.

@gemlog @mwlucas @kensanata @tomasino
We have remote devices contacting our server and don't want them to get shell access. In authorized keys I have been using:
I read that trick online somewhere. If there is a better way I would like to hear about it.

@junkman Yes. Its still around and going strong. Our local node has a port on the 105 net.

@tomasino @gemlog @mwlucas
I'll do some looking around / learning. I was a keepassxc fan but wanted a cli way. I believe keepassxc has a cli way. At the time I did not know that. It was a long time ago. It will be a lot of work to move now as I have lots of information in my pass-store.

@farhan Very good point. I am a user. Perhaps I should consider something different. Hmmm. I could put the entire store into an encrypted container I guess.

The workbench today.
Its a Kantronics All Mode TNC that was just repaired. It works! TNC needed Q11, VR1, VR2 and a couple of caps.

@gemlog @tomasino Not sure that works with rsync -avz --delete user@server:/stuff or scp, etc. I will stick with no passwords and protect the private keys.

@gemlog @tomasino I agree here. I have lots of scripts. How do I handle a key with a password from a shell script?

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