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Adamd, Clair, and friends getting an anonymous picture for mastodon. The lady at the end of the table, who was not with our group, was laughing at us.

KAM TNC. Owner said it worked for 30 minutes when he purchased it a long time ago. So far:
LM7805 +5V regulator
LM79L05 -5V regulator
PN2222A NPN GP Transistor
Still waiting for the LM79L05 but if I inject 5V it talks to me via its serial port. A good sign.
Replaced the LM7805 with a DC DC converter.

@snowdusk_ Clair says this is a common reason for ambulance calls. Many think they are having a heart attack or other major issue.

@junkman I had the same issue with my Apple IIe until I figured out I had a dip switch incorrect. Something to do with hardware interrupts.

@MG @snowdusk_ I woke up thinking it was Friday and looked for with dj @cev . Turns out it was Thursday, and OCX2 saved me. Thanks for making it!

My newest PC build. 2U chassis, ASROCK 960GC-GS FX, FX-6300, 16G DDR3, 480G SSD, GT1030. The only new components are the 2U chassis and the GT1030.

Missed last night because our clubs Yeasu DR-1X amateur radio repeater died. This picture is our temp setup. Its as bad as it looks. Mobile radio's on an old repeater controller. A pedestal fan provides cooling.

@junkman @snowdusk_ I got it working correctly on regular com by turning off colors and changing my backspace key.
z toggles colors
- toggles backspace key

@nm0i Thanks for suggestion. I actually setup vim as my man page reader using an online tutorial. Since then I discovered other issues that have all been fixed by running 'exec setsid agetty' and not just agetty.

@emilio @snowdusk_ Hola. Soy Adamd. Llevo mucho tiempo estudiando español. Ahora mi español es tan bueno como el de un niño de dos años. Uso de para la traducción. Estoy escuchando un archivo de dj @cev ahora. Escucho con frecuencia a muchos djs.

@junkman Thank you for sharing the video. I thought I knew Linux AX.25 but learned a bunch from the video. Its even cooler then I already thought. :)

@junkman Our packet setup for our local club. It has 4 ports. 145.01, 433.1, 223.6, 14.105.
All running from a linux server. It was UROnode and F6FBB BBS using linux built in AX.25. Changed recently to BPQ32. NETROM bugs in the kernel was causing lots of issues for us. AX.25 worked fine though

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