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Beach Walk today. Popham Beach in Maine. We don't own a dog and didn't bring any with us. :)

@gemlog Just a test motor for when working with / programming VFDs. (Variable Frequency Drives).

Coolest Little motor. A mini version of some really big ones I have seen.

@gemlog There were ~ 7 posts from @snowdusk_ about the cookie a while ago.

Dear ,

How do you get HRD (and other old ham Win programmes) to play with ALSA under Wine in ? Thanks ever so much.

@Shufei Sorry I can't answer your question but.. I use many native applications in Linux such as grig, cqrlog, fldigi, wsjtx, gpredict, etc.. I have had good luck with them and even doing things like connecting my gpredict to my rig using hamlib so it automatically compensates for doppler shift. wsjtx interacts with cqrlog for logging, etc.

@snowdusk_ Sorry to hear your evening is going great. Thanks for all you do!

@noorul Its a combination of ham gear, network gear, and solar power stuff from Outback Power Systems, who I believe is out of business.

@deejoe The big cans are duplexers for VHF repeaters. (RF Filters)

@deejoe A summary would be..
Amateur radio gear, solar electric system (inverter, charge controllers, batteries), networking gear and misc junk that needs to be cleaned u. :)

Just lost my cable internet. Using cell data. This system keeps me powered when there is no power.

@MG Clair just finished her third cold since December. Its been a tough year for us both.

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