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@dokuja Right at the top. I should have tried that. Will later. I'll even try 110 baud!

@dokuja I didn't look into it. Can you do that? Reading htop man page now.

Had a blast with agetty today. Created a serial console at 300 baud and connected. Brought back fun memories. Htop did seem to stop responding though. :) I guess 300 baud isn't enough for htop.

@kensanata Thanks for reply.
export PAGER=more works. I settled on vim, which is AWESOME after reading this:
Interesting issue with less though.
Thanks for your help!

When I create a serial console with 'agetty ttyS0 9600 linux' and connect using minicom or screen. I can't exit man pages. Seems my input is buffered until I kill the process and then my characters are dumped to the cmd prompt. All other programs I tested work fine. Hmmm...

@goosey Thanks for the warning. If I can use the 102 as a dumb terminal, I'm in good shape. I can use it with my ax25 packet TNC, serial com testing at work, with TCPSrv to connect to old school bbses, etc.

@goosey I just ordered a 102 from ebay. I look forward to learning more about it.

@ParadeGrotesque That is the only mastodon app I gave ever used and am using it right now. I mostly use the web interface from a pc.

@yrabbit Confusing. I like the TRS80 Model 100 but I'm not a big Microsoft fan so.. ..I half like this.

@Ricardus With hamburger and sauce and you'll have lasagne.

@dokuja The script worked for recording your show on I enjoyed the show, thanks for creating it!
The script:
dokuja on tilde:

Good stuff on your anonradio show today @iiogama !

Re-enjoying Eli & Fur - Night Blooming Jasmine (Rodriguez Jr Remix)

right now! :-)

@snowdusk_ @adamd

I finished 'breaking/__and/ entering|. 'the extraordinary story of a hacker called 'alien'.
Start at page 72 if you want to skip her drug / experimenting years at MIT. At page 105 I decided I didn't like her because she is an Emacs fan. :) I learned some tricks from the technical details.
Its worth reading, she is extraordinary.

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@snowdusk_ I am more excited about this then I should be. Too me a minute to figure out what the O- was at the end of the statement.
echo DAMGUD STUFF | figlet -f small | cowsay -n -e AD

@ParadeGrotesque Funny how drinking a lot one day can make work hard the next.

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