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@cev Listened to it twice so far this morning. Awesome! Thanks.

@cosullivan I also have learned how to bypass my VPN as needed. Packet Mangling to mark specific packets to use a separate routing table, creating a second routing table, separate rules, etc. Can share that if you would like.

@cosullivan I had DNS leaks at first. Struggled to figure out systemd-resolved and gave up. I created the following iptables rules to prevent leaks by controlling what outgoing stuff I allow.
Warning: I an a total noob with iptables!

@gemlog Thankfully less and less is done in ladder logic. More and more in structured text.

@gemlog Never tried to sync it with anything. I use it stand alone on my home server. I start a screen session and keep it open, connect from anywhere. I do have it setup to text me appointment notifications and every morning I get a text telling me the days events.

Schneider automation components. PLC, HMI, motor starters, VFD and servos all on CANopen. Cool stuff!
A peak into my world.

@dlovell I believe it was Whole Brain Spelling. Must be a typo. And for the record it did not work. I still can't speal.

Receipt for my first computer.
Apple IIe and accessories.

No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

@snowdusk_ Great work as always. Thanks for shout out at 19:45. Loved this one: "Disco ball disco lights, dirty talk on endless nights, avant garde, no self-control, business cards and alcohol."

Can't seem to sleep tonight. I could have listened to Movement Through Thought on anonradio live for the first time if I had thought of it sooner.

Couple of appliance mods (Hacks?)
Switch on toaster to turn off one side. PLC on fridge to control ice maker better.

@cosullivan I use . A couple years ago I read vpn provider reviews in a Linux magazine. IVPN did well and was Linux friendly. It has worked well for me so far....

@xmanmonk You were there? My mother lives in Alabama. I try to go to that museum when I visit. I love it. It can be VERY hot in the summer time in AL.

My 2U rackmount home server was very loud because of front mounted two wire fans running flat out. I installed 3 wire fans connected to the main board. Did the sensors / fancontrol / pwmconfig thing and life is good!

@nydel I wrote the problem on our fridge and it got solved. Likely was Kate, my son's girlfriend. She is in college to be a math teacher.

Created a new home server VM today. OpenSuSE Leap 15.1. Moved services, etc. All went well. Wordpress was a pain. mysql_connect() function call difference between php5 and php7. Easy to say, tough to figure out.

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