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There ain't nothing like the real thing baby! 😎 But to stop the 80's withdrawals, tomorrow OCX2 presents the IGWM tribute show, where we will spin some 80's & Miami Freestyle as we await the return of @snowdusk_ 👍

This show will be a recorded stream as I have a family function to attend, so wish me luck! And I hope you all enjoy!

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@MG G.Love has a great thing going tonight on Organized Chaos on

I'm really looking forward to the tribute show done by @MG on

@gemlog @snowdusk_ Sorry about that. I believe all will be well in the world again tonight. :)

@snowdusk_ Clair and I miss you snowdusk. We will never forget your existence.

@iiogama Happy Birthday! I'm catching the archive now. Sounds nice so far.

@xmanmonk @Famicoman I'm not sure how many are still around. Unfortunatly its a bit of a drive for me to go there.

@ParadeGrotesque I get these regularly. My email provider seems unable to detect them as spam which is odd because they do pretty well with other emails. Perhaps they are in on it. hmm.

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