Wind storm knocked out power this morning at 02:00. Still no power. Internet is working though. :)

@dokuja I did not buy the laptop. He wanted quite a bit for it. I wanted it, but did not buy it.

Lots of fun at the Deerfield NH Hamfest. Found stuff like this.
I did not buy the 'Round Heavy Things'

Hey Fedz.... if your ears are free, please join us in listening to MYOCYTE with DJ @peef a.k.a. 'ffog' --- srtreaming right now on !

click below to listen:

@mrbill0 Where is this hamfest? I'm considering going to the hamfest in Deerfield, NH. Just wondering if you'll be there.

@MG I thought the first one with the noise was a bit much to take. The rest was AWESOME! Quite a mixture of great tunes.

I did the sequencing for a couple of robots to serve beer at a company event. This was the first beer served.

I feel like something dwarven needs to be playing while this giant nuclear reactor is being forged...

@dokuja Yup, my personal mailbox. We have a BBS on our node I have an account on but nothing like getting mail right in my TNC.

I just bought a new camper in FL to drive home to Maine. Not all things go as planned.
End result is OK. Factory Warrantee, free tow, free repair. Just a setback in time. This happened 2 hours into my return trip.

I attended 14 and helped to man the table.

I have uploaded the bulk of my photos to my SDF User Image Gallery."

@Snowdusk Clair here, Adamd driving in Carlisle PA listening to

@snowdusk_ Cool graphics snowdusk. Thanks for your hard work!

Flight delayed 2.5 hours and TSA kept my Kenwood TH-D74 radio pending review by someone. The joys of air travel.

@snowdusk_ Thanks for the shout out at 38:20. At 49:40 Clair started doing a fake strip tease taking off her sweatshirt to 99 red balloons. :)

@notptr Cool band. I have an IC-81AD and a IC-9100 that work on that band.

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