Watch Star Wars using telnet. Not sure if its the entire movie or not, I was not that patient.

Librem 5 Phone update. Release date adjustment Q3, 2019. The elusive Linux phone.

@dokuja April is what they are saying. I would answer NO to your question though. My fingers are crossed.

My Librem 5 phone can't come soon enough. April seems like forever!

@iiogama What happened to the car? Mine is getting a transmission. I should get it back tomorrow night.

@koenig I thought you made up the poop deck. Seems there really is such a thing.

@iiogama Many have the same issue. Its how we learn. Hop away!

The internet is not good on the cruise ship but at least its consistent. I got the same result 10 times.

Furnace malfunction, broken car, snow clean up, taxes. Reality is creeping into my vacation. I best go get another drink! I need to hold off reality two more days.

Clair asked for a coconut drink at the wet bar. They have that in Costa Maya, Mexico.

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