@gemlog @xmanmonk @cosullivan Things like Sephora or Peppi gel are silly to be but looking at the sparkle in Clair's eyes as she is showing me the latest Peppi gel is fscken awesome! I suspect Clair feels the same way when I'm showing off my calculator watch or the latest ebay purchase for my Apple IIe.

Did you know that having 2 to 3 glasses of wine per day can reduce your risk of giving a shit?

@snowdusk_ The 'power couple' say thanks for our shout out at 10:13 here: archives.anonradio.net/2019041
You are correct, we listened. Its awesome!

From Monday nights archive, it sounds like I missed some great chat on com about the Japanese language.

Clair and I are listening to 'Dally Rhythms' which I thought was Daily Rhythms. Regardless I am enjoying it. Thanks @iiogama for creating it.

@tomasino @cosullivan I think Wit should decide but just in case I'll say... ...'The' comes to mind but more seriously how about 'hot' ? And suddenly of course.

@cosullivan @tomasino Wow, thats a lot of pressure. Do we know what the book is yet? If its already been discussed I'll see it soon as I am catching up on my Mastodon reading.

@iiogama Listening to the archive now. Thanks for being you.

A couple purchases at the hamfest (Amateur radio operators flea market) today. Both work great. Anyone know how to make pulse dialing work on a Cisco SPA112 ATA?

@snowdusk_ For me its almost always multiple windows on 1 screen. I will do full screen but its just programming environments with lots of toolbars.

@gemlog Just a 'hack job' repair. Replaced a surface mount transistor with a through hole one. The board goes to a garage door opener.

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