Today's beach walk at undisclosed beach that may have been closed.

Clair (wife) is now being told, based on a phone call, she has coronavirus. They said she would not be given a test, no way, no how. stay home. She is not high risk and there are not enough test kits. Symptoms are:
--Sore throat
--Stuffy nose
--No sense of smell
--Feeling of pressure around her throat.

Her boss is in the hospital and has tested positive.

Other then above she still feels fine and we made it to the beach this morning for a walk as usual. (Empty beach, touching NOTHING)

Progressive trance? Progressive house? Club mixes? Don’t expect me to be able to tell the difference, find out for yourself on today’s Dally Rhythms. at 2200 UTC

@pithi So far I'm NOT being told I need to self quarantine. But if Clair has it odds are high I do so I'm going to do everything I can to insure if I have it, I don't pass it on. Not hard for me as I mostly work from home anyhow.

My wife Clair has been in contact with a coronavirus victim and is being asked to self quarantine for two weeks. The victim is 72 and is in the hospital now.

@cev I always look forward to on Friday am here. Thanks for making it!

@publius @smj
It would run on my modified one.
TRS80 Model 4, Rebuild V 4.0
Intel N3150B CPU
16G Ram.
SSD 2.5 Drive in removable tray
ASRock N3150B-ITX Motherboard
USB Floppy Drive
SATA Add on card
Qty 2x 3TB SATA
OpenSuse Leap
CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro Keyboard

@claudiom @hardmous This conversation has been had before. Its vim for me.

New arrival. A Compaq LTE 4/25. Unfortunately I could not get it running. The hard drive seems smoked and the floppy has a busted belt. It does a memory test and I can get into BIOS. Perhaps I just have not found the correct drive geometry to make the HDD work.

@publius I think power supply in the bottom is getting pretty popular. My case is a Corsair Vengeance Series C70.

@Ricardus I really like watching your electronics projects come together. Great work!

A cake that Clair made for me. It is sitting in front of my home work station. I'm working on month end updates.

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