@elw I have a raspberry Pi 4 at our office in Portland. I'll set the unit up on Thursday, connect it to Wifi and report back my findings. Stand by to stand by.

Today Windows 10 Installed Simple Solitaire in one of our computers at work. ??? Can they do that??? Has anyone else seen this?

Seems I have a Realtek 8111G chip in my laptop. It disappeared from lspci. A little heat, re seat some connections and I have my PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller back. :)

Dinner ♨️♨️♨️ 

@iiogama Sorry I missed the live show. Listening to the archive now. 14 minutes in...
Thanks for making it!

@dokuja I feel like everyone should try a cruise once to see what they are about. But that should do it for most. I keep having extenuating circumstances that make me go again. This time my son and his girl (Devin and Kate) wanted to go but are too young at 19. So Clair and I went along.

@dokuja If it was, I missed the memo. Big lines, cameras. ??

Facial recognition at customs when getting off the ship. Yikes! I guess you can't fight progress. I should give up and just post my face here.

OK.. This isn't me.

@snowdusk_ Thanks snowdusk. We really missed and other anonradio.net shows. Clair and I are listening to this one now:
Thanks for 'Advanced shout out'.

At the Miami airport. I have internet again! 😀 Just downlaoded 8 hours of anonradio.net shows. Here we go...

Cruise ship internet is very bad! Did manage . Thanks @snowdusk_

This looks bad. Seems the drive is ST3000DM001 which had a 47% failure rate in 2014. Yikes!

Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant in Brunswick, Maine. Looks like it needs a remodel but the people and food are amazing!

shell of choose... pls, boost!

Not many people at the beach this morning in Maine. Must have been too cold for them.

@hkz Seems the soldered on chips are HY53C464LS-80. I believe that translates to "Fast Page DRAM, 64KX4, 80ns, CMOS, PDIP18" I assume the expansion slots take the same type. I don't use the card so I don't really need the chips. It is interesting though.

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