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Seems I have a Realtek 8111G chip in my laptop. It disappeared from lspci. A little heat, re seat some connections and I have my PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller back. :)

Facial recognition at customs when getting off the ship. Yikes! I guess you can't fight progress. I should give up and just post my face here.

OK.. This isn't me.

At the Miami airport. I have internet again! 😀 Just downlaoded 8 hours of shows. Here we go...

This looks bad. Seems the drive is ST3000DM001 which had a 47% failure rate in 2014. Yikes!

Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant in Brunswick, Maine. Looks like it needs a remodel but the people and food are amazing!

Not many people at the beach this morning in Maine. Must have been too cold for them.

I made some custom brackets to mount my Corsair H100i cooler on my new Ryzen7. Seems Corsair doesn't make the required bracket.

Brian Cox on pet grooming. I find this very funny for some reason.

Learning to send messages to Schneider Machine Advisor from a bash script.

Some reading materials about magnetic loop antennas left for me from a ham friend.

Short video showing how windy it was at Popham Beach in Maine.

Windy and cold (0 deg C) walk this morning past Fort Baldwin and Fort Popham in Maine.

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