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Schneider automation components. PLC, HMI, motor starters, VFD and servos all on CANopen. Cool stuff!
A peak into my world.

Receipt for my first computer.
Apple IIe and accessories.

@snowdusk_ Great work as always. Thanks for shout out at 19:45. Loved this one: "Disco ball disco lights, dirty talk on endless nights, avant garde, no self-control, business cards and alcohol."

Couple of appliance mods (Hacks?)
Switch on toaster to turn off one side. PLC on fridge to control ice maker better.

My 2U rackmount home server was very loud because of front mounted two wire fans running flat out. I installed 3 wire fans connected to the main board. Did the sensors / fancontrol / pwmconfig thing and life is good!

New setup. Enhanced Apple IIe and a trs80 model4 case with modern components in it.

Assembled my RF strength meter today. Included some surface mount and mods to very small components.

Received my field strength meter kit today. I look forward to assembling it.

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