Getting Modbus coms to this unit was difficult but thanks to a 3 hour @hardmous set from last week I got through it.

I have my TRS80 Model4 on the lap desk tonight. Clair and I are listening to @tbn97 Bronzie Beat on and chatting in sdf com chat.

I knew he wouldn't stop at one server. There goes the power bill.

This bird looks OK. It flapped its wings but can't seem to fly. We moved it out of the surf and onto a log. Hopefully it will be OK.🤔

Listening to Bronzie Beat on anonradio and working in the basement tonight.

Several people in an office building complaining their internet is faster at home. Bandwidth check shows ~7Mb both ways. 50Mb at cable modem. hmmm.
Problem found 10Mb hub. So very slow and not even a network switch, just a hub.

Devin just brought home a couple of interesting (to us) computers.
Dell Precision T5400 seems to be a cross between a server and a workstation. The Optiplex 3020 has a 12V only power supply with regulators on the main board for the other voltages.

More cool Linux stuff. I have a couple of these little 4 port net cards and am playing with network bonding. I'll try 4 connections next.

It was screeching loud. I still don't know what caused it. But I would say it failed. Thank you RAID.

I found this awesome monitor at the dump. Completes this retro setup.

Clair, Kate, Devin, and I having chicken salsa verde casserole and listening to @iiogama on tonight.

I asked on in the anonradio room of com while listening to dj @tbn97 what I should post next on Mastodon. Answers were ham radio, computers and Clar. Quick trip to the basement and this was the resulting photo.

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