Clair, Tux, and Lincoln. I think he really likes tux. He looked a bit upset when I started telling him about closed source software.

Spending some time on Mastodon while watching the grandson.

Working the system hard today. Building Yocto's poky image, running a vm, and the usual (web, email, irc).

Replacing the fan in this mini PC. Its was continuously used for several years as a Ubiquiti network controller.

Retroish computers. Its modern hardware in old cases. On the left has a ASROCK ITX board and the right a RPI3.

Look who just arrived at my sons house. I guess that makes me a grandfather. Yikes!

Setting up TwoToneDeluxe on this old Dell Vostro 1500 for a local fire department. It listens for the pages, records them, and emails or texts via email to peoples devices.

I have a large box with a bunch of old games I don't want. Any ideas what I should do with them?

This has been keeping me busy.

CODESYS SoftMotion running on the PLCNext Linux based controller. It executes G-code programs and has a DXF to G-code converter.

The grey clamps with the wires running through them hold a 40W laser. The slides move mirrors and lenses. Its being built for laser engraving.

Our packet node setup. The radio with the green backlight TM8115 and the PK-96 TNC I just installed.

Popham Beach walk pictures from yesterday and today. What a difference a day makes.

Very disapointed the keyboard is just too small for me to type on. I thought I finally had a replacement for my 1986 vintage Tandy Model 102.

Using some COVID down time to wipe some old hard drives.

The mainboard in this machine is a ASROCK 960GC-GS FX. A very cool mainboard with support for SATA, PATA, PCIe, PCI, Serial, Parallel, floppy drive, game port, etc.. This one has a FX-6300 processor with 16G Ram.

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