Popham Beach walk pictures from yesterday and today. What a difference a day makes.

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Same. I cut some more lawn yesterday and finished it, knowing this was likely.

.-. Light rain
( ). 8 °C
(___(__) ↘ 6 km/h
‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 16 km
‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 0.7 mm
Checked: Sun May15 10h47/17z47

Looks better in fixed width

@gemlog Its a nice overcast misty day here. Temps are OK and not much wind. We sat on our deck under an umbrella for a while. It was nice.

@adamd wow that 2nd photo was something!! Reminds me of the movie The Mist!

I couldn't even hear the show properly. Stupid slow net speeds tonight for some reason. I've power-cycled everything reset-able... dunno.

@gemlog @adamd aww sorry to hear that gemlog! hope it resolves by itself 🍀

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