Very disapointed the keyboard is just too small for me to type on. I thought I finally had a replacement for my 1986 vintage Tandy Model 102.

@adamd WTH IS THAT?? LOL j/k 😜 Still looks super cool to me! 👍

@adamd that is one extremely clean and neatly organized motherboard!

@adamd I read that too on some youtube reviews and decided to pass. However, is it good for thumb typing? Or is it too wide?

@klu I think you could thumb type. Best for hunt and peck method with two fingers.

@adamd Yeah, I was super excited about this device until I saw the photo that showed its size. SO sad that they didn't make it full size

@adamd Bummer. Put under the Tandy, it really shows how small the DevTerm's keyboard is.

@adamd Thanks for posting this adam. I too was fascinated by the devterm. I hadn't realized it was so small either.

@adamd whoah is that Tandy a serial terminal? Cool looking device! I'd be more excited about that tbh!

@adamd it is not fun if the display is not monochrome LCD and only programable with something like poke instruction in BASIC, aka, frame buffer.

@adamd Yeah, I had considered buying one until I realized just how small it was.

@adamd Oops. I thought about getting the device. too But your picture makes clear that I will have the same problem.

It's way too small for my fingers 😞

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