Using some COVID down time to wipe some old hard drives.

The mainboard in this machine is a ASROCK 960GC-GS FX. A very cool mainboard with support for SATA, PATA, PCIe, PCI, Serial, Parallel, floppy drive, game port, etc.. This one has a FX-6300 processor with 16G Ram.

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@adamd That sounds like a very nice transitional board indeed.

@SetecAstronomy I have two of them and love them. Linux floppy support required nodma kernel parameter passed to the floppy kernel module. But its cool to have a working 5.25" floppy on a modernish system.

@adamd That's a good tidbit to know, as I have a box somewhere that I intended to get working with a 5.25" floppy and just never got back to it.

@adamd Those drives are very good, and also I spot a retro HP screen!

@joeo10 I like that monitor because its small. Unfortunatly its VGA only but that works well for retro computer stuff. Its a HP HPL1506.

@adamd You seem in good spirits. It's not too bad a case? I know clair already had it, so...

@gemlog No fever today. Just a sore throat and cough. Funny beach walk this morning. We took seperate vehicles so Clair wouldn't be stuck in a small space with me.

@adamd People can have it more than once and there are many strains anyhow, so...

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