I once had a buch of bots try to follow me. I then made it so I have to approve followers. I don't really like it that way but I think its best..??

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@adamd what is the perceived problem in bots following you? I have some bots and undesirables following me, but since I'm not following them, I don't worry about it too much. (Maybe I should?)

@elb A bot could be created that does nothing but collect users data. There was once a tool online that mapped user connections. I belive it did that by creating bots and following a bunch of people?
I try to insure I am being followed by real people.

@adamd I hit "hide your social graph" for that reason. I think that setting is entirely independent of approving follows.

(I actually have mixed feelings about hiding my social graph, as well; I want to hide it for my and others' privacy, but I also find good follows by checking my follows' follows. The non-reciprocality of that is undesirable to me.)

@adamd Not just bots, but random people as well. I'm fiercely approve-only with my contacts. If i don't know you, you aren't following. And even then that's no guarantee, hah! ;)

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