I won the battle! I got Slackware 14.1 installed in this Pentium 133 with 256M ram.


Well then, I guess I can have some confidence in Slackware as an option for my friend's Panasonic CF-29 Toughbook. I'm probably going to try OpenBSD first (because of the documentation, primarily), but Slackware seems like another good possibility.

@adamd I remember when that p133 systems came out and I couldn’t imagine needing anything faster.

@adamd Wow! How can you get a Pentium motherboard that can hold 256MB RAM?
@adamd were the pliers an important part of this process

@velartrill The pliers were instrumental to the success of the project. Without them the added sound, network, and USB cards would not have had access to the back of the computer. ( I used them to break out the metal pieces behind the expansion cards). : )

@graf @adamd Ha, this is awesome.

I have a box full of 486 parts (still missing hard drive, floppy drive, and PSU), but I think I'd have to rebuild Slackware to get it to run on that since I think it assumes an i686 (and possibly do at least part of the installation manually, boot a floppy and net mount install media, I have a 10Mbps ISA Ethernet card in the box).
@adamd @graf It might be easier to get Plan 9 to netboot on it, but overall, I think a pretty fun project to get it to do something or another. (Plus sentimental value: the CPU/motherboard are the ones I used in my desktop system a long time back. My machine is a Ship of Theseus deal, back to my old 386.)
@p @adamd if you have an old 10baseT to throw in it, provides a LOT of support for all kinds of network hardware
@graf @adamd I do! I don't know if it has a PXE ROM on it (I think it does) but I think there's some old DOS program that does the PXE stuff if you lack a PXE ROM.

@logout 14.2 has a problem. 'handle_intel: Assertion maxidx >= 2' failed.
I read about it and it was patched. I couldn't find an 32 bit ISO of the current build.

@logout I saw that file but at 93M I assumed it wasn't anything useful. Perhaps that assumption is wrong. I'll check it out.

@adamd it's for install over network, I used it last year on 950MHz Duron, when I did my little experiment with using it for a month as a primary machine.


I wonder if it works on a Pentium Pro with 64MB of RAM

@adamd So much nostalgia felt in this pic ! That was my first computer 🌟

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