For me the PinePhone isn't ready to be used for my primary phone. My Librum5 may never arrive. So I just installed /e/ on my OnePlus3T so I can feel more deGoogled. Seems its a modified version of LineageOS.

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@schipplock The pine phone is awesome and getting better every day.
Some remaining issues:
--Stand by (in your pocket) prevents anything but text messages and phone calls from getting through. No telegram, matrix, irc, signal, etc.
--I could find no application to support my SIP line.

@adamd I have just replaced the battery on my ZTE Axon 7 (circa 2016) that I have de-Googled with crDroid a long time ago. I got my PostmarketOS/sxmo updates on my PinePhone today. Hacking some scripts on it but still far from replacing my ZTE as a daily driver. I have hacked SDF SSH and aNONradio scripts for the menu :)

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