Anyone know what this is?
I believe its a 330ma fuse. V2 is confusing though. I would have through F2 perhaps. There is another just like it on the board that is completely fried. I would like to order a replacement.

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@yrabbit The data sheet says 'where resettable protection is desired.'. I wonder how I reset this one. :)

@adamd Come on, you probably put 6A through that poor fuse:)

@adamd I think that's a PTC resettable fuse? The LF seems to be 'Littelfuse'

@adamd according to my sources, it's a Littelfuse polyfuse. datasheet suggests the marking means 1.1a 33v and suggests 1€ ish or 18€ for 50. V for fuses is not very standard but also there's not a lot of standardisation around it. probably wanted to discern polyfuse vs normal fuse which would by convention be F.

@adamd one theory on why V2 would be that a polyfuse is a vey specific kind of varister - instead of varying between some resistance and no resistance, it varies between no resistance and all the resistence. One is PTC vs the other NTC.

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