Clair at the Beach this morning. A bit foggy. This post and photo done using the PinePhone.

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@adamd That's actually not a bad picture from the PinePhone. What are you running on it and what app?

@claudiom Currently its Manjaro. The photo is from Megapixels.

@claudiom @adamd Mobian won't catch up until it it's using a bookworm base.

@jawsh @adamd I'm actually thinking of switching back to pmOS. Not sure how farther along they are in comparison to Mobian.

@claudiom @adamd pmOS and Manjaro are definitely the best options, imo. Currently I am running Manjaro phosh.

@jawsh @adamd When I first ran pmOS about 6 months ago, I was rather disappointed and moved to Mobian because it was more stable. However, I haven't seen much change in Mobian recently, though I don't know if that has something to do with the release of Debian 11 very soon (Mobian is based on Debian 11 I believe). Has anything changed on pmOS since that time?

@claudiom @adamd I haven't been using pmOS for a few months now but when I was it seemed to be updated often. Been running Manjaro phosh and have been pretty happy with it.

No 'e' Clair is also 'Sooooo Not 50'-Clair :-)

@Gemlog Clair really likes your comment. She also she won't be 50 for two more weeks. :)

So, I was technically correct, which is the best kind of correct :-)

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