@adamd Looks like an old AT (or earlier) motherboard. I see 16-bit ISA slots and the power connectors from the generation prior to ATX.

That DIN-5 next to the blue battery is your keyboard connector. You can get adapters to PS/2. Weird that there appears to be on-board serial. Seems too old for that. No idea why the expansion card is facing the opposite direction of the keyboard connector either.

@adamd What's the square chip in the socket in the middle of the board? Reminds me of a socketed i386, but no idea how accurate that memory is.

@adamd I'll show this to a friend. If I found something I'll let you know.

@adamd The slot in the foreground is the video slot (video cards, genlocks, scandoublers/flickerfixers), the empty slot in the middle is the CPU slot for accelerator cards, then the Zorro-II slots (some of which are paired with unpowered ISA slots, you need a PC Bridgeboard card to utilize these)

@conceitedjerk @adamd techrepublic.com/pictures/comm
This should work as a second confirmation.
The blue cylinder thing on the left edge /middle of the board is the CMOS battery.

@_1751015 @conceitedjerk @adamd If that battery is corroding, (and it probably is) cut it out of there before it takes the motherboard out.

@adamd wow.. look at all those capacitors... that big isa mounted board could help, but that could be anything from a gfx card to a sound board., to a very old internal modem or specialized hardware enhancer (i.e. better hard drive storage). I will say it looks pre pentium. I tried to blow it up, (the picture) but it got too blurry to read any of the eprom names on it... sorry..

@adamd Almost difficult to believe this isn't from a hundred years ago.

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