My latest challenge was to get this Cyrix M II with 300M ram to run Linux. 32 Bit with no PAE.

@adamd should be able to. new distros are pretty hefty though.

@claudiom @dokuja Bodhi Linux is installed and working but slackware looks pretty good. Very low system requirements. I'll give it a shot to see what its all about. Thanks!

@adamd If you want some REALLY LOW system requirements, There's always Tiny Core Linux. I installed the Pi version on a 128MB SD card for my Raspberry Pi 1 model B and it still had space to spare. All console-based of course. 👨‍💻 @dokuja

@claudiom @dokuja I have used Tiny Core. In fact one of the < 32G drives I put into this computer for testing had that on it. I was just hoping for a bit more.

@adamd that's no challenge for Slackware. I did that three times last week (testing various pre-PentiumII machines for selling) 🙂

@adamd Nice. I helped verify several Cyrix processors back in the day ...

@apiziali Awesome on working with Cyrix processors. I don't think I every had one in the day. This is my first.

@adamd We tip toed into the x86 market with accelerated floating point coprocessors (remember those?), followed by 80386s extended with 486 instructions (Cx486SX), and then the M1.

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