Clair (wife) is now being told, based on a phone call, she has coronavirus. They said she would not be given a test, no way, no how. stay home. She is not high risk and there are not enough test kits. Symptoms are:
--Sore throat
--Stuffy nose
--No sense of smell
--Feeling of pressure around her throat.

Her boss is in the hospital and has tested positive.

Other then above she still feels fine and we made it to the beach this morning for a walk as usual. (Empty beach, touching NOTHING)

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Here's hoping that "not high risk" translates to "doesn't need the medical treatment she's not being offered".

@adamd (CuSn94 here) - sorry to hear that — I hope she recovers swiftly and completely. Look after yourselves!

I'm really sorry to hear that @adamd . I hope she recovers without incident and that you don't pick it up.

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