Just lost my cable internet. Using cell data. This system keeps me powered when there is no power.


if you ever want to describe what each kind of thing is in this, I'm here for it

@deejoe A summary would be..
Amateur radio gear, solar electric system (inverter, charge controllers, batteries), networking gear and misc junk that needs to be cleaned u. :)


the blue boxes I figure hold batteries, but are both types of big cans also batteries?

@deejoe The big cans are duplexers for VHF repeaters. (RF Filters)


You are awesome! Love your setup.

No cable internet here either.

@adamd are you using the tuning cans to mutiplex an antenna or just because of proximity on the same band?

@adamd Very cool! I bet this helps reduce your carbon footprint! How much power do the panels bring in?

@adamd Wow. Nice shack. Running a repeater or two are we?

I miss those chairs.

@noorul Its a combination of ham gear, network gear, and solar power stuff from Outback Power Systems, who I believe is out of business.

@adamd cc @ND3JR , who I think would appreciate this. Especially the radio gear

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