@adamd Heh, I knew what that was in the thumbnail! :-)

@adamd That is cool! I found my old

TRS PocketPC gotta replace batt see if that bad boy works. Hope it does. I also found cassette cable and a bunch of tapes with apps. Woohoo score!

@g_love @adamd which version? Pocket computers are awesome.

@dokuja @adamd I'll have to go back on look, I'll put up a couple of pix. Looks as new as the day I got it for my Bday. Parents were cool like that. 🙂

@g_love @adamd ah yes that one. My dad has one and I loved using it when I was a kid.

@dokuja @adamd I got the docking station too. Excited to see if I can bring it back too life. 🙂

Actually more interested to see if it will still read the tape into memory.

@dokuja @adamd have 2 rolls that are pretty dry now to locate the ribbon. I have to used ones in the case, I may re-ink that to see what happens. Will have to bust out the gloves and do some surgery. even for a small piece like this the to do list is adding up. LoL

@adamd dont forget to press "label" to get that extra line 😆

@adamd Looks remarkably like a word processor I used in middle school.

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