Updates for TRS-80 model 100 dev tools!

I've finally updated m100.def and related files!

Are now available from my web page at sdc.org/~goosey/
and from my "personal library" at club100.org

@goosey I just ordered a 102 from ebay. I look forward to learning more about it.


Its still a surprisingly useful little machine!

club100.org has a lot of good resources(*). also bitchin100.com

the mailing list is also good, you can join it from from bitchin100.com

(*) i will warn you though, the business side of club100, like ordering stuff, is pretty much dead, ask on the list if you're hunting goodies.


@goosey Thanks for the warning. If I can use the 102 as a dumb terminal, I'm in good shape. I can use it with my ax25 packet TNC, serial com testing at work, with TCPSrv to connect to old school bbses, etc.

IIRC it mostly pretends to be a vt52. There are termcap and terminfo files for it.

The ROM TELCOM app is pretty good, except that it only supports soft flow control, which often doesn't work well with modern machines. If that becomes an issue for you, look up hterm on bitchin100. 😀

Count this as another vote for hterm. Hardware flow control is a lifesaver.

Getting the termcap file to work was a real pain in the ass last time I needed to. Good luck.

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