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The machine I am on now has both 5.25" and 3.5" floppy disks. Its currently running pop-os. The 5.25" is connected to the floppy controller on the ASRock Z77 Extream6, the 3.5" is a USB floppy drive modified and installed internally.

@adamd @tomasino Nice.

I've never heard of pop-os before.

My regular social rig just has a 3.5" USB floppy. Then I've got a windows 98 box with a 3.5" 1.44mb drive and a 5.25" 1.2mb drive, and a dos rig with a 1.2mb drive and (soon, when it finally gets here) a 320k drive.

Those are my only desktops, though. Everything else is laptops and portables (so I have a lot of PCMCIA floppy drives and the like.)

@ajroach42 @adamd system 76 makes pop! os. It's Ubuntu with a new wm that's focused on good UX. They're getting traction with it

@tomasino @adamd neat.

I have a purism laptop and an old thinkpad that I use pretty interchangeably. The thinkpad runs mint, the librem runs pureOS for now, but ...

@ajroach42 @adamd I didn't trust pop when I ordered my galago, so I'm running Ubuntu 18.10. I kinda regret it a bit, but I customized the hell out of Gnome anyway so it's moot. I'm glad for more Linux flavors though


@tomasino @ajroach42 I installed KDE Plasma in pop-os and use it.

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