@adamd Nice find adam!

...Preparando para desempaquetar .../calcurse_4.2.1-1.1_amd64.deb ...
Desempaquetando calcurse (4.2.1-1.1) ...
Configurando calcurse (4.2.1-1.1) ...
Procesando disparadores para man-db (2.8.3-2ubuntu0.1) ...

Will check it out now! :-)

@adamd It's a bit weird and, of course, I could fix it, but it's kind of helpful to me although it looks weird.

When I apt-get something everything comes up in spanish.

calcurse is coming up partly in german and partly in english and french (like synaptic does).

Too many experiments I guess, but I've left it like that for over a year now I think.

@adamd I exported ics from google and calcurse is failing hard on repeats.
Dunno if this is google's fault or calcurse.

@gemlog Never tried to sync it with anything. I use it stand alone on my home server. I start a screen session and keep it open, connect from anywhere. I do have it setup to text me appointment notifications and every morning I get a text telling me the days events.

@adamd Upon reflection, I realized that it must be the fault of calcurse, because thunderbird sync fine with goog.
Calendering with email reminders is my last thing to goog, but I imagine zoho has it too.
I just like the flexibility of a curses-based cal in my shell (other than 'cal' of course ;-) )

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