The TSA agent in Portland, ME took one look at my hat and said, "No radioactive materials allowed".

@adamd So... did they think the hat was radioactive? :)

@adamd I have a sticker on my satchel, which I got from Malki! (the Wondermark guy) at the World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane (or Mordor), with the radiation trefoil & the legend “Keep Clear! I don’t think this thing is nuclear-powered, but I can’t rule it out.” Haven’t had a problem taking through Airport Stupidity yet.

@publius Oak Ridge, TN is a place with interesting history. I didn't know it was called a trefoil. Had to look it up. Where can I get my sticker?

@publius Thanks! I put them on my holiday gift list. Everything I don't get from my list I buy myself anyhow. :)

@adamd Also, this page (from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities) has the canonical More Than You Ever Wanted To Know :

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