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Governments try to mandate spying devices inside people's homes, usually with some distant future 'deadline' for implementation. In the meantime we must create the 'social dynamics' for resistance against such an Orwellian push.

I never realized how powerful PHP-FPM really is until tonight. Defining server pools is definitely an elegant way of solving permissions problems.

I finally figured out how to run a PHP application from public_html using PHP-FPM without needing to dangerously assign 775 permissions to a directory and having it owned by to the same user as Apache is running as. I never knew it is possible to create extra PHP-FPM pools and assign them to the user and group assigned to a home directory. Ah the things we learn along the open source journey.

After 20 years of OpenBSD, I am now a Linux guy. I never thought I would see the day where Manjaro would convert me. Actually, I love all open source now! I am no longer the elitist I once was.

I just have a little more work to do to get my workflow completely migrated to Manjaro but I am nearly there. This was a morning well spent.

@xmanmonk Oh I see now. There is a special sudo group. I am so used to doas. 😸

@xmanmonk Quick question for ya, bud. Hope you don't mind. Do you have any idea why sudo is ignoring the NOPASSWD parameter? Is that by design?

It's official. Manjaro has won me over. I will keep OpenBSD on my laptop and servers. But as a real desktop OS, it's fantastic. It's running Windows 10 via KVM at speed. I need a Windows 10 VM so I can stay current with Cisco stuff.

@xmanmonk I'm giving Manjaro a shot. If you like it, I am guessing I will as well. After all, you got me using MATE and that was a great recommendation. Come to think of it, all of your recommendations have been spot on.

@NOCARRIER@hackers.town Another game that is a guilty pleasure of mine is Grand Theft Auto. But I don't have a Windows machine to play it. I have the old 2D version and it's fun too but not very innovative.

@NOCARRIER@hackers.town I love that I can play Duke Nukem 3D Atomic, Doom, and Quake on my OpenBSD machines. That just tickles me to death.

I have memories of December 1999. I started running OpenBSD and never had to worry about Y2K. Y2K!? What's that noise?

@NOCARRIER@hackers.town Oh cool! Well you need to choose the OS that works best for your needs. If what you're running now ain't cutting the mustard, then ... well, Windows 10 it might have to be. Windows 10 doesn't suck as badly as all of the previous ones.

@claudiom LOL! Never mind. I just remembered it. ROFL!

@claudiom@mastodon.xyz Do you know how to log into the SDF maintenance shell? I forgot my password. 😼

Ah the wonders of a Sunday afternoon salt and vinegar almond snack. My life is really and truly complete.

Is it true that you're never too old to learn to program?

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