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Sheriff Scott Israel to be suspended today (Update: It’s done)

Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

The JAR-JAR ABRAMS-VERSE is DEAD! Celebrate with the Fandi Master as he toasts its long-overdue demise!

The Fandi Master gives the second in his training videos on how you can one day become a Fandi Master.

This lesson: BREATHE.

The Fandi Master explains "The Original Series Problem," and how it baked 1960s filmmaking into the *Star Trek* franchise!

LIVE IN ONE HOUR! A mini-review of THE ORVILLE S02E02 "Primal Urges" by the Fandi Master!

The Fandi Master discusses the Golden Age of STAR TREK fan films. There's a look back at favorites like STAR TREK CONTINUES, STAR TREK PHASE II, and STAR TREK: HORIZON !

The Fandi Master gives a non-spoiler review of THE ORVILLE S02E01 and a spoiler review of the DOCTOR WHO New Year's Special 2019!

The Fandi Master gives a non-spoiler review of VADER EPISODE 1: SHARDS OF THE PAST ... and then goes on to rant about the state of STAR WARS in 2019 !

The Fandi Master begins a new, weekly feature:


This is Lesson One.

LIVE IN ONE HOUR! 5-Hour Charity Livestream For Camp Fire Survivors!

Including non-spoiler reviews of THE ORVILLE, DOCTOR WHO, and VADER EPISODE 1 -- as well as lots of other science fiction content!

Well, that's fairly terrifying.

Particularly the statement that the person designing the person designing the nudge is the one whose interests will be put at the forefront.

Don't miss my 5-hour charity livestream to raise money for Camp Fire survivors!

Be there or be square on New Year's Day!

This is the weirdest thing I've seen all day. The dude is about to be charged with sexual misconduct and posts THIS.

Gotta love when someone fills out the wrong email. I'm now in possession if enough info to get a large-insh loan. Unfortunately, I don't have enough info to tell him -- without logging in to the loan place.

Good thing 40 years in IT taught me to ignore personal info. If I had fewer ethics ... well, I could use a few grand.

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