Proof Versus Accusaton: WITCH-HUNTING

Actor Vic Mignogna is the victim of a witch-hunt and Alec Peters is one of his chief detractors. In this episode, I discuss the issues involved and my own conversations with Alec.

Accusations are not adequate to prove anything.

"Woke" ad campaigns -- and a Captain Marvel review!

The social media embargo is over and two of my interests overlap: social commentary and movies.

I can now give my honest review of CAPTAIN MARVEL -- despite Brie Larson having made it clear that 54-year-old, cis-gendered, white, male reviewers aren't welcome.

Beware: SPOILERS !

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez SAVES THE WORLD!

I lay out the battle plan for the War On Climate Change! See how President "Red Cortez" will save the world in what is today's version of WWII

Bernie Sanders' Amerika: Famine, Hardship, and DEATH. Watch as I tear apart everything the Crazy Bernie and Red Cortez stand for.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is now the only sane option in 2019. Watch as I explain how going MGTOW today will make things better for the next generation!

NEVER believe the victim. Unless a woman has gone to the hospital and police, she should always be assumed to be a liar.

Social media is destroying civilization. Watch as I use the example of controversy in Star Trek fandom to show how resolving differences in a civil manner is possible!

2019 State of the Union Address -- JUST THE SPEECH !

All pomp & circumstance, all applause, and all political theater have been removed!


Working on an edit of the address that includes only the speech.

Great Ghu, this is painful.

Re-watch this pointless exercise in futility with me! Trust me, you'll get a lot more out of it that way!

LIVE tonight at 9pm Eastern! Bill Stone's live stream reaction to the 2019 State of the Union Address!


Star Trek: Discovery Goes Full Al-Qaeda!

Watch as Bill Stone talks about the horror that is now Star Trek Discovery!

Viewer Challenge: DEBUNK THE PRESS !

A viewer presented with me with an press article to de-bunk. Watch me pick through it until there are only a few sentences of real news left!

In response to one of Malinda's Google Translator Fails suggestions, I submit one of my audition pieces -- from 1988!

It's time for the public shaming to begin!

LIVE TONIGHT! A mini-review of THE ORVILLE S02E05 "All the World Is a Birthday Cake" by the Fandi Master!

In light of the press screwing up two major stories back-to-back, I beg of you to watch this video in which I detail my methods for debunking them -- with examples. I've been doing it for 30 YEARS.

These are the intellectual heirs of William Randolph Hearst.

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