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"What does your handle mean?"

W10x12 is a size of wide flange beam (see avatar). UNO is an abbreviation for "unless noted otherwise".

In a structural framing layout for a building, sometimes a large portion of the beams are all the same size and it's simpler to not call out the sizes on "typical" beams. So you see page notes like "Beams are W10x12 UNO".

I'm a nerd for structural steel and I intend to spread the joy of steel detailing to the best of my ability.

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Good morning SDF Mastodon

I've been here a few times under different names, but usually end up deleting my account after a while.

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Random detail of the day 

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Just putting it out there: if anyone ever wants help - debugging, problem-solving, tutoring, whatever - with the Linux CLI (bash/ksh93, GNU coreutils..., vi, emacs, sed, awk) and/or git, I'll help.

I won't make you feel bad for anything you don't already know. I promise. (Nobody ever should.)

I'll reiterate every once in a while. Boosts appreciated!

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Future (private) Ansible modules may include:

- SearchAndDestroy
- DeathFromAbove
- NukeItFromOrbit
- SharksWithLasers
- TsarBomba
- OmegaDeathRay
- MartianInvasion
- ThisIsNotAMoon
- ThatsNotAKnifeThisIsAKnife

You know the times when a bunch of 0s fly across Molly's time display? This MFer reads them out (I guess, what else would he do?) and it goes on long enough to get pretty funny.

Not specified here: Lb (shown in the top detail), which is the bar length per plan.

It's showing where to start measuring for a bar's nominal length

"A lozenge of white light clicked into place in front of him, hiding the Tessier-Ashpool ice. It showed him the calm, perfectly focused, utterly crazy face of Armitage, his eyes blank as buttons."

"He called it a Texas catheter, and Case didn't like it at all."

The guy reading my Neuromancer audiobook sounds kinda like Kiefer Sutherland

"What, you don't think window mullions are installed with this much precision?"

New roomie watches a lot of sports so I have cable in my house for the first time in 6 years.

What a complete waste of money.

"Jai alai" reads like it's an evil sect on Arrakis

In AutoCAD 2015 (not sure about future versions -- thanks $COMPANY) this box can't be resized so fuck you if you need to add several elements to a multiline I guess

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Speaking of idiotic corporate shenanigans, I periodically visit this company's site to have a laugh at how stupid and lazy this slogan is

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