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"What does your handle mean?"

W10x12 is a size of wide flange beam (see avatar). UNO is an abbreviation for "unless noted otherwise".

In a structural framing layout for a building, sometimes a large portion of the beams are all the same size and it's simpler to not call out the sizes on "typical" beams. So you see page notes like "Beams are W10x12 UNO".

I'm a nerd for structural steel and I intend to spread the joy of steel detailing to the best of my ability.

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Good morning SDF Mastodon

I've been here a few times under different names, but usually end up deleting my account after a while.

Tag list:

Outside home is: an open swim;/occultism in the throes of corrosive wind;/a cold meal with the ghosts of friends;/a whole host of meds;/a deal on a Tone Loc cassette.

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{ sed '/^2020-04-30/q' cases.csv; sed -n '/^2020-05-01/,$p' cases.csv | sort -t, -k2rn; } > newdata.csv # Command line for politicians. Sort the data so it looks like the cases are decreasing from the start of the month on, to fit your political narrative and goals.

Never could avoid himself/for long enough to contain or employ as help/but now he looks both ways at the asteroid belt,/buzzed, gross and wholly unloved.

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Might hold court with the cats and dogs/who hold Kools like an orb in a dragon's claw/in terrycloth robes outside detox, surly;/curse at a beat cop; doctor a slurpee;/adopt no Xerxes; fear no moon man;/stay true like a wolf wearing wolf pants.

Plato's fine. Pay no mind to his play-doh spine. He had a gay old time back in May '09.

If you find yourself using ESPDIC.txt as a local digital Esperanto-English dictionary, check out this python interface

covid mention, ec 

"The number of hoots I give for them is less than two"

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"That's the trouble with doctors: they always make you do something revolting, like drink bats' blood."

Why would they think I'd find this acceptable? Goodbye Ghostery

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Am I the only one who thinks that, when there is a dichotomy between personal use and business use, that it should read "Personal" and "Personnel"?

We don't need no walkie-talkies. Nope, no walkie-talkies. We don't need you coughing when offing the morning coffee, no.

We don't need no walkie-talkies. Nope, no walkie-talkies. We just want our hermitry to stay and our coffee to go.

Bought into a CSA for the summer from a local farm. Hopefully this summer will be significantly more healthy and nutritious than the previous 30 were.

I didn't buy the meat option, so a trial vegetarian season is still on the table. I'm toying with the idea but I'm not sure I can follow through.

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this is making the rounds and I'm clearly [Unidentifiable]
(tag yourself)

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Please add some context if you post a link. I'll never click on a naked link, and adding "Look at this!" will not help. It's a tactic used by scammers and linkbait, so by instinct I'm not going to click on them, even if they look reliable.

Just give me a few descriptive words. Or even just one.

Thank you.

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Who would win in a fight?

Man, is kinda tricky to wrap my C++-addled brain around, but it's very cool and I actually like how much effort it demands at the outset.

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