I am moving instances for anyone following me. You can continue to do so at vtmarij@dobbs.town

SwiftKey keyboard helped in the total Bork of my username.πŸ˜’

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Super Princess Peach contains an item called "Tough Coffee", which increases Peach's life meter when bought. In-game, it is depicted as a mug decorated with a picture of an arm (left). However, in the game's data, an alternate unused version of Tough Coffee is found (right). t.co/pfdnBc9Q22

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salvation army, psa 

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can the person who wrote this folding sign PLEASE make a mastodon account

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Internet cringe culture needs to die off permanently.

Boost if you agree.

December 9, 2018 at 0922...

I lost Whamageddon.

Screw you TikTok!!

mild anxiety, automation 

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Helping a new user find the right instance/community 

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interesting how all these people going "we can't just block other people we're uncomfortable with" will block anybody who makes them uncomfortable by suggesting people should consent to the things they see and discuss

also how they're usually people who are perfectly fine with vomiting their disgust all over the place under the banner of "extreme honesty" when, honestly, they should just be screaming "I REFUSE TO DEVELOP EMOTIONALLY! I REFUSE TO DEVELOP EMOTIONALLY!" over and over naked

(no @)

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Mastodon privacy PSA: locked posts and locked accounts (173 words plus image descriptions) 

Welcome to Mastodon! I am new here as well and I find that Mastalab is a great viewer for Android. Even allows for peertube and other federated type things.

There has never been a more perfect time in American history and culture than now...

For a full, uncompromising, accurate adaptation of Transmetropolitan.

YouTube, screaming, salty language, literal songs. 

Finally cut the cord on the birdsite, now y'all are stuck with me!


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boost this toot if you'd like to be mind uploaded to one of the many thousands of blade servers on a boat in the middle of the ocean

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I discovered VNV nation yesterday, I think I talked about it but I want to mention them again because the music is really good and you should give them a listen if you're into synth/future music.

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So now that I've settled to this instance...

I'm VTMarik, been internetting since the days of AOL 3.0 under various names. I play video games, I read, I enjoy long drives, and political yammering. I'm an aspiring writer working on a fix-up in the modern wizard genre.
I'm also aspiring to be a Twitch streamer, playing RPGs. My username is the same across the webosphere, excepting FFXIV and Fortnite.
Look forward to Tooting muchly away from the Dread bird site.

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Oh hey, new people joining mastodon by the looks of it


If you want to know just what you're getting yourselves into check out this guide by @noelle


Mastodon @ SDF

"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko