The #BSDCan #BSDCan2017 Opening Session & Keynote ( ) is happening now, since 09:00 on 2017-06-09! Thank you, Michael Geist

We @t1international have a 'wild' idea: type 1 diabetes mustn't be a death sentence or bankrupt people. RT if you agree #insulin4all #T1D
-- via @Jandelliott on Twitter

"Ok, but what's the business model?" - Almost every person I explain Mastodon to. I don't get it, what the fuck is wrong with people. As if I create OSS by following some sort of business plan. I just want to make the world a better place and I'm glad I'm not alone.

"Here’s a moment I’ve considered for years, usually at those dark empty hours in a strange city when I’m alone and I can’t help hauling out old regrets to gnaw on them and make the night even more hollow." #terrapinSkyTango

@tandy @fsf @V6ShellJeff all those calls to the w3c ... all that support to dbd against drm-encumbrance ... and i end up in a world where the most sane thought is "hey let's use gopher instead" ... well isn't that just the way!

Have now decommissioned my old OpenBSD 6.1-current instance (the one born as 6.0-release) on (@exoscale on twitter). In its place is a newer 6.1-current born as OpenBSD 6.1-release on the 1st of April 2017.

My Serenity / Refuge / Haven .. =^)

Know what hasn't happened yet? W3C DRM. Know why? Because you're raising objections. Keep it up:
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