If there was another decent cable option, that wasn’t the same bad service with a different name. I’d change my provider in a heartbeat, but they’re all the same, they don’t care. Way to go penalize the customer for your screw up Xfinity!

@TheGiant And if your own municipality wants to start one, chances are there's a state law (paid for by the likes of Comcast/Xfinity (they're the same, Xfinity's just a brand Comcast uses to get away from their bad reputation) Verizonm, AT&T, and the rest) that bans such a utility:


It's from 2015, but not much has changed since then, and in fact the FCC is now chaired by former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai.


@ND3JR Oh joy. Of course such a thing exists since they have politicians in their pockets.

@TheGiant All is not lost, however. Though it would be a huge undertaking, there's nothing in those laws that would stop a group of people from forming their own telecom utility cooperative, perhaps with seed money from a local government. Something like the WCTA in my home state of Iowa:


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