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Weekly ♫ My Top 5 artists: The Just Joans (48), Walter, Columbia SO (10), Grateful Dead (9), Dorati, Royal Concertgebouw O., Schiff (6)

Delico Deli. Double espresso and toast. ☕️

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, 2019 - ★★★★½ Watched on Wednesday January 8, 2020. 🎥

How to make the perfect broccoli and stilton soup 🔗 — So entrenched is broccoli and stilton in my canon of classic soups – well up there with the likes of tomato, minestrone and chicken broth – that I’m slightly taken aback not to find it in Lindsey Bareham’s comprehensive collection A ...

In Bristol, dropping my daughter back off at university after the Xmas break.

For the sake of balance, 🍷 … (sitting outside a pub in Bristol with LOTS of ‘vintage’ signs)

Weekly ♫ My Top 5 artists: Claude Debussy (36), The Smiths (13), Baudo, LPO (10), Sigmatropic (6)

The best movies of 2019 that you haven’t seen 🔗 — This quite extraordinary film from the 28-year-old Russian director Kantemir Balagov was a prize-winner in Cannes; in the UK it had three showings at the London film festival and then went straight to the streaming platform Mubi. Everyon...

Weekly ♫ My Top 5 artists: Cornershop (25), The Breeders (24), The Doors (23), Charles Baudelaire (10)

Newport Railway Station (NWP). Espresso con panna ☕️

Rooftop Terrace. Ice skating and mulled wine. Just the latter for me. 🍷

The (Quiet) Death of a Legendary Parisian Bookstore — When it was announced that the legendary bookshop Le Pont Traversé would definitely close down on the 31st of December in Paris, many French TV stations put in phone calls and tried to convince Josée Comte-Béalu to do a filmed interv...

Carmarthen Golf Club. Maurice’s birthday Sunday dinner.

Weekly ♫ My Top 5 artists: elbow (33), XTC (10), Bent Knee (1), Cerys Matthews (1)

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