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Anyone know why I can't ssh into and haven't been able to for the last few days?

Always get the message in the attached screenshot.

Have to confess this is the first time for ages that I've tried logging on, but it used to work for me!


Amazon still lags behind Apple, Google in Greenpeace renewable energy report

(a few months old, but still interesting)

@TheDimPause ... and they were delicious. I recommend the recipe!

Aloo Paratha (Indian Potato Stuffed Flatbread) - - Will be cooking this tonight!

Indian manuscript with zero symbol far older than realized

Old servers out, data migrated to new servers, tidier server room! Next stage is upgrading to Server 2016 next week...

House of Alexandros Papadiamantis

"Wealth is walking into any bookshop and buying any book you want without looking at the price tag." - John Waters -

Just started reading the first of Peter F. Hamilton's Chronicle of the Fallers Series - two massive volumes bought for holiday reading. I feel myself being dragged in ...

€5.50 for 1.5l of Kourtaki retsina in Skiathos supermarket :) Has to be done!