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Currently reading: The Snows of Kilimanjaro and other stories by Ernest Hemingway 📚

Cooler with a little rain today so it’s an evening for a log fire with cheese and wine.

Very impressive by Emma Raducanu. I don’t often listen to tennis on the radio but that was exciting! 🎾

Disappointed by the cancellation of the England v India Test match yesterday, which I was hoping to listen to over the next few days. To make up for it at least I am listening to Britain’s Emma Raducanu play Canada’s Leylah Fernandez in US Open tennis women’s singles final 🏏 🎾

Shopping trip to Narberth ended up with a 1965 Phaidon edition of a book reviewing Parisian art by Charles Baudelaire and a bottle of Dà Mhìle Distillery Welsh gin, oak aged in ex-Bourbon barrels.

Arrived at a Hobbit House called Woodstock for a week away from it all. No power, no running water, wood fired hot tub. Plan is to read and relax.

Florence Springs Eco Glamping. Check in 🗺 — Florence Springs Eco Glamping.

Brown’s Cafe. Check in 🗺 — Brown’s Cafe for fish and chips.

Currently reading: Introducing Buddha by Jane Hope & Borin van Loon 📚

Beer check in 🗺🍺 — Drinking a Atlantic by Sharp’s Brewery

Sri Lankan street food and drink at The Coconut Tree in Cardiff last night. If I hadn’t committed myself to shooting only in black and white in September it would have been very colourful…

A Rio Rumble cocktail

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