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England 23 - 20 France in the Six Nations. Really enjoyed that - sharp, open, flowing rugby by both sides, the best game of the competition so far. Looking forward to Wales in Paris next week. πŸ‰

🎡 My Top weekly artists: Alabama Shakes (25), Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (16), William The Conqueror (14), The Nightingales (12) & Haitink, Concertgebouw (9) via

The JalapeΓ±o Popper Vegan Grilled Cheese (jalapeΓ±os, pickled chillis, chilli jam and vegan cheese in a toasted sandwich) from JOL’s Food Truck yesterday was absolutely delicious. Accompanied by fantastic Triple Cooked Chips. If the Truck is in your area don’t miss it!

This has stuck in my mind from last night’s Later … with Jools Holland - Tom Jones & Jools Holland perform I’m Growing Old

After having to research it the original seems to be by Bobby Cole🎡

Another short Test match, another England batting collapse. India win the Test series 3-1. 🏏

🎡 My Top weekly artists: William The Conqueror (45), The Nightingales (25), Laundromat (14), Alabama Shakes (13) & Brittany Howard (6) via

Wales 40 - 24 England. The rest of my household is happy. πŸ‰

Half-time. Wales 17 - 14 England. Not sure how Wales got two tries, some strange decisions by the referee. πŸ€” πŸ‰

Six Nations Wales v England starting soon. πŸ‰

Listen to this and if you want more please take the time to watch the whole talk by February Photoblogging Challenge Day 27: pompasetting β€” Pompasetting at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Boxing Day, 2007 πŸ“·

Laundromat and on Bandcamp πŸ”— β€” Three EPs. Blue, Green Red. Electronic and relaxed. Laundromat is Brighton based recording artist Toby Hayes. I know nothing more but am enjoying listening to the music. 🎡

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