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‘He returned to what he really was’: Clive James’s daughter on his poetic farewell 🔗 — Excerpt: Ten months before his death last year at the age of 80, Clive James underwent an eight-hour operation to remove a tumour on his face. Already very frail – he had been suffering from leukaemia...

Every time I read Meera Sodha’s column in The Guardian I find things I must cook. My latest quick reminder list:

Slow-cooked marrow borani

Shaoxing and soy braised tofu with pak choi

Chilli cornbread with broccoli

Ugandan rolex

Aperol Spritzing our way through a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon. 😎

David Graeber, anthropologist and author of Bullshit Jobs, dies aged 59 🔗 — Excerpt: David Graeber, anthropologist and anarchist author of bestselling books on bureaucracy and economics including Bullshit Jobs: A Theory and Debt: The First 5,000 Years, has died aged 59.

Check in 🗺 — Pembroke Rugby Football Club. Old Speckled Hen🍺

Check in 🗺 — The Dial Inn, Lamphey. Bilidowcar Single Hop Pale Ale (Tenby Harbwr Brewery). 🍺

Never cooked on a gas barbecue before this week. Never thought I’d close a lid on a barbecue whilst cooking. Never had barbecued vegetables three days in a row. But here I am.

Glenn Maxwell gets his century and looks like he and Carey will win the match and the ODI series for Australia . As I type this Carey also gets 100. 🏏

Pleased that Test Match Special is still broadcast on 198 kHz Radio 4 Long Wave and not just on digital/DAB channels. Enjoying tense finish to the 3rd England v Australia ODI on an old radio. Maxwell impressive! 🏏

Sprilly Maid by Caffle Brewery. Ale infused with rosemary. Very good, even when drunk out of a plastic cup.🍺

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