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Andy Gill: Gang of Four’s genius guitarist who burned a route out of punk 🔗 — Excerpt: Britain’s late 70s provincial punk scenes were seldom places for the faint-hearted, but few were as starkly polarised as that in Leeds.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 2: Sight - An old Philip Harris microscope 📷

The Discover tab in’s Sunlit app is a brilliant way to browse February Photoblogging Challenge contributions. The timeline grid there goes a long way back. // @macgenie

The Mad Bishop & Bear. ESB, watching Wales v. Italy Six Nations rugby, waiting for a train to Cardiff. 🏉 🍺 — Drinking a ESB by Fuller’s Brewery

Pisqu. Peruvian restaurant, very fresh and tasty food!

FotoFebruary Day 1: Open - Books on display in the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain 📷

The Parthenon Rooms. At the British Museum to see the ‘Troy: myth and reality’ exhibition.

Café In The Crypt. Coffee in a crypt - tables are on gravestones. A little strange…

Tate Britain. Tate Britain, mainly to see the William Blake exhibition.

The Jack Horner. Brilliant beer! — Drinking a ESB by Fuller’s Brewery

Keats Bar at the Globe. Drinking a London Pride by Fuller’s Brewery

Pret A Manger. Mornington Crescent. Veggie New Yorker sandwich and flat white ☕️

St Pancras Old Church - memorial stone to Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin and The Hardy Tree.

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