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Blimey! Alerts on my phone were going crazy!

Aston Villa 5-5 Nottingham Forest – Tammy Abraham scores four in 10-goal draw

Value for money, but unfortunately Villa had two goals disallowed in the final few minutes :(

♫ My Top 5 artists: Thom Yorke (25), Red Martian (13), Glenn Gould (2), Medici Quartet (2) & Orchestre National de Lille-Région Nord (Casadesus) (2) via

I don’t think I want to see Mastodon content in the (app or web) Discover sections, but I’m enjoying seeing photos from Mastodon users I follow appear in the Sunlit app Timeline.

♫ My Top 5 artists: Ultra Vivid Scene (16), Dub Syndicate (12), Vikingur Ólafsson (7), National Health (5) & Talking Heads (3) via

Middle of November and it’s warm enough to spend the afternoon sitting in the garden.

The term “#fakenews” (or “#misinformation”) has been introduced very deliberately and consciously into the vernacular of American and international politics as the catch-all justification for #censorship.

♫ My Top 5 artists: Lera Lynn (58), Jacobs, Concerto Vocale, Nederlands Kamerkoor (41), Concerto Italiano & Rinaldo Alessandrini (22), Glenn Gould (5) & Medici Quartet (2) via

ICC Women’s World Twenty20 2018 🏏 starts today – see tournament guide and players to watch and full fixture list. Should be some good cricket to watch and the bonus for me is that most matches are being broadcast live at fairly decent times in the UK. added support for cross-posting to Mastodon, as well as following and replying to Mastodon users. Per @manton's post today:

"More compatibility with Mastodon lets us support the good things that Mastodon has accomplished, while still carrying forward what I think are the unique strengths of It also opens up the community to interact with a much larger user base."

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