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Currently reading: Percy Bysshe Shelley – Poet and Revolutionary by Jacqueline Mulhallen 📚

♫ My Top 4 artists: Pink Floyd (8), Major Parkinson (7), Jeff Buckley (6) & Cavina, La Venexiana (6) via

Went to the (UK) national museum of computers. Good trip 👍

This is Colossus mk 2 (reproduced) and the WITCH.

Original Colossus was the 1st digital computer, but was kept secret for 50 years.

View from Zakynthos to Kefalonia after today’s rain.

Experiencing a little disruption to normal service 🌧

Checked in at The Terrace. Greek coffee ☕️

Checked in at Alykanas Beach (Παραλία Αλυκανά)

At Fito Cafe opposite the fish market in Zakynthos Town yesterday.

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