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I’ve heard of Cyberpunk and Steampunk before – and read books that fall into those categories – however, Solarpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that is new to me. 📚

RT Southgate on yellow cards shaping final position if drawn: "If I go and headbutt Roberto (Martinez) in the final five minutes then you know we are taking a different approach to going through!"

Now reading Introducing Sartre: A Graphic Guide by Philip Thody (Author) and Howard Read (Illustrator) 📚

♫ My Top 4 artists: Major Parkinson (25), St. Vincent (4), Genesis (3) & John Coltrane (2) via

Just noticed there is a football/soccer ⚽ Discover link now active on Microblog. Thanks :) I also like the rotation of the emoji links on the Discover page!

♫ My Top 5 artists: Marika Hackman (51), James Rhodes (10), John Coltrane (10), Major Parkinson (9) & Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder (8) via

Fatoumata Diawara, Le Gateau Chocolat and stage views last night at Utopia, curated by Charlotte Church as part of the Cardiff Festival of Voice.

♫ My Top 5 artists: Manic Street Preachers (12), John Coltrane (9), The Jimi Hendrix Experience (7), The Anchoress (5) & Jimi Hendrix (1) via

Looks like at least an extra half hour of podcast listening is available for me then.

Cooking sea bream on a bucket. Don’t think the bush is happy that I keep barbecuing in this spot.

RT This man has devoted his career to attacking the weak on behalf of the powerful. He has arguably done more to undermine decency in public life than anyone else in the UK. - good riddance.

Aberdare Canal - on a walk to work this morning after my train was cancelled.

♫ My Top 4 artists: Fatoumata Diawara (67), Laura Marling, LUMP & Mike Lindsay (16), Bent Knee (5) & Courtney Barnett (4) via

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